Monday, March 31, 2008

here's a twofer.

I have a two animations. They look a little ugly just because they're line tests, and I haven't gotten the knack for making line tests look pretty just yet.

The assignment here was to do a walk cycle. So i did a walk cylce of a guy snorting coke. it's okay, if you can ignore the change of line quality midstep, and then constantly undulating mask from after effects that I didn't manage to reign in.

worth noting: the eye does not in fact pop out of his head. It is actually his heart. I made an attempt to TOTALLY SHAKE UP YOUR EXPECTATIONS by adding in that little visual gag. It became clear during crit that I completely missed the mark. but NEXT time I do a walk cycle o a guy having a heart attack from snorting too much coke (which may or may not be common... I didn't do my research) I will make sure the heart explodes onto the "camera lens" and slowly slides down leaving a bloody trail just to drive that point home.

This assignment was to a character doing two of the following four things: Pulling, pushing, hitting, or getting hit. I had a little preface planned that shows the bug discovering a half eaten apple before coming into this close-up shot, but I didn't have time to finish. The reason I even bother to say that is to make it clear that this craggy peak our friend is molesting is really a delicious apple chunk. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This one is so IN YOUR FACE!!!

First new caricature of the semester. Giving that new technique another go. Id say this is a moderate success so far. I'm somehow unsatisfied. I don't know what it's missing. if anyone has any thoughts then by all means. This is quickly turning into an uninteresting post. Oh, there it is. Here's the picture. As per usual, I expect telephone calls or text messages saying who it is, to confirm my wavering belief that I can capture a likeness.


It seems that between the desktop and the blog page the colors changed completely based on something I don't understand. I'll leave it up just to TOTALLY FREAK PEOPLE OUT! But here goes nothing:

that's more like it.