Monday, February 25, 2008

Back to my old tricks

My first assignment for Character Animation was a character of my choosing and design deep in thought then coming to a conclusion. The result is a simple blob dude just sort of flailing. I'll argue to the end that It is a character whose head you weren't supposed to penetrate, and that his inner turmoil is expressed through his inability to maintain control of his body and form, and it isn't until he decides to control himself that he concludes he can finally move, and thusly does so. However the more astute readers, in addition to the not so astute readers will see through my veiled attempt at justifying a nifty animation that doesn't just quite fulfill the assignment. C'est la Vie. I like gelatin.

Here's a link to youtube. Ill try to get it on the blog soon if I figure out how.

Monday, February 11, 2008


So I was gonna try to do a piece where I worked way harder on the pencil drawing, and then painted sparingly, letting the pencils shine through. The result of that thought process was this pencil drawing:

Then I saw this website:
This Bluhm character shows how to make photoshop look like an oil painting, and he talks about his techniques as he does it, and well the bottom line is I decided to give his methods a shot. I'm pretty pleased with the results:

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

unfinished stuff

Both of these are being retooled.
This first was an assignment called Jazz. I'm turning it into a vector to sharpen the edges and to rework some of the colors, maybe try it on a white backgroud:

It wasn't until after the fact that i realized the dormant image that surfaced as my inspiration:

This one was turn a famous figure into an inanimate object. I chose the one comedian most easily mistaken for a founding father. My bad. This one is in need of some major surgery. Sorry for the garish colors: