Monday, January 28, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

More sketches: The secret lives of celebrities

These are the sketches for my next assignment. Can you guess who it is? it's Stephen Hawking. The idea behind this assignment was to show some famous person doing something the opposite of what we would expect. Show their secret life and how it differs from their public persona. My idea is that Stephen Hawking totally loves to play in the pool. In my preliminary sketch, he was jumping out of his special wheelchair onto the diving board. Maybe in that case the whole wheelchair thing was a put-on. It was agreed in class that this is funnier:

It was followed by the suggestion of making stephe-o a lifeguard. Capitalizing on the fact that he's actually to stupid to realize he'd be completely inept at saving lives. I had a brief idea that i may have done this illustration in 3-d, it seemed feasible in 5 days:

This third sketch is the one I'll probably do, and i'll probably do it in photoshop like the dubya one. Fred liked it. He liked seeing the people in the ocean who would absolutely not be saved if any of them should drown.

Finishes on tuesday!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

my vewy fuhst cawicatuah

So the first illustration for my caricature class was... well, if you can figure it out then I did a good job. I started doing an acrylic painting that looked something like this:

But it looked like ass so I changed a bunch of stuff. I scanned it in and started to do a digital painting over the acrylics. The biggest compositional difference was that I got rid of those flying pages across the middle of the image. They kept getting in the way of the desk and the suitcases and It was bugging me. I also had to fix the light source because the curtains were just backward and it looked like the figure had been toasted.

I also threw in the presidential seal in the corner to drive home that we are, in fact, in the oval office and not some waiting room in purgatory with an excellent view of the fires of hell... though I guess that is still one possible interpretation. I consider myself too apolitical to actually feel strongly about the opinions presented in this piece, but I'm sure somebody out there believes it.